Woodland management

Hengrove Wood, in the heart of the Chiltern Hills, has been wooded continually for at least 400 years.

As with all our woodlands, it owes its existence to the fact that it has played an important role in the local economy throughout that period. The collapse of local markets for our local timber has meant that much of our woodland has begun to decline. Good management is necessary to guarantee their long-term vitality.

As part of my own management plan I will be removing 600 larch trees from Hengrove Wood over the next 10 years to allow the traditional hardwoods: oak, ash and beech to flourish. I have begun to mill this larch and am now supplying timber locally to those who appreciate the importance of buying local products wherever possible.

Larch, the traditional fencing timber, is ideal for all outdoor uses.

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Trusty Fordson used to extract felled larch
Making a brew
The mill cuts horizontally and vertically in two passes
Another plank off the mill
Milling trunks in pairs can be more productive
Building up stocks of sawn larch
We can also supply sawn larch ~ ideal for all outdoor uses. Milled to your specification and delivered straight from the woods.  Contact us here >